Monday, July 25, 2011

Sometimes Simple can be so Elegant

Recently I found a royal blue blue blouse at a thrift shop that had glitter in the fabric. It was a beautiful stretchy material that laid so elegantly across the bra I added it to, it reminded me of the styles of the 1940s.

I love how the fabric draped around the bra that can be worn strapless or not. I had some sturdy clear straps that I attached to it.

But knowing that so many dancers these days don't want to show their belly outright and are looking for something below the bra that is somewhat translucent.

I had some gorgeous stretchy netting that changes from gold to blue to gold as it moves. (Wish I'd bought more of this fabric.) I decided to add the netting to the bra and let it drape down. But that wasn't enough so I added gemstones kind of hodge-podge to the bra and the netting.

Here's how it turned out:

Here's a shot from the back:

I think this will catch light really well while you're dancing. What do you think?

I added it to in the hope somebody might buy it. It's a 40D.

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